WeatherCitizen App Version 0.11 Coming Soon

WeatherCitizen Version 0.11

We are actively working to improve the WeatherCitizen system and address some feedback from our early users. See annotated screenshots below to see some of the changes coming to the user experience in the app:

Home Screen

The home screen will include links to the live data map, but the feed of weather observations and alerts will move to its own page accessible via the tabs in the bottom bar.


Observe Screen

Observations are now more formally split into “Snapshots” (manual inputs) and “Sessions” (automatically recording sensors). Both are accessible from the Observe tab.


Snapshot Input

The snapshot input is simpler by default. More detailed input fields are accessible by pressing the Additional Inputs button.

Session Input

The session input has a updated user interface, but remains largely unchanged. The top bar will show a session is in progress using an icon next to the menu bar.

Data Map

The data map will be available directly within the app (instead of a separate website).

We are getting ready to release the updated version of WeatherCitizen!

See the full Changelog below:


Breaking Changes

  • Upgraded application framework to Ionic 4 and Cordova 9
  • WeatherCitizen no longer accesss Twitter directly. Users must use the “share” feature to export an observation to Twitter.
  • “Record” has been renamed “Session”
  • “Observe” has been renamed “Snapshot”


  • Refactor user interface based on user feedback
  • Export manual inputs as QRCode to share input form with others
  • Add map interface to application to view nearby WeatherCitizen observations within the app
  • Add map interface for viewing your own previous observations
  • Extend sharing capability beyond Twitter using the native sharing capabilities
  • Support Bluetooth Serial external devices
  • Support for the AirBeam air quality sensor
  • Share link to snapshot or session record on WeatherCitizen map map


  • Hide specific manual inputs to simplify Snapshot interface
  • Improve the navigation flow of the application
  • Improve profile editing process
  • Status updates are streamlined
  • Improve reminder selection interface
  • Add custom reminder icon

Bug Fixes

  • Fix max distance setting in Feed
  • Fix default sensor selection
  • Fix manufacturer and model number BLE properties